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January 15, 2008


Garrett's RIP tattoo for his brother, Vance

Grieving Through Tattoos

Grieving Through Tattoos

Where Garrett "G" Sample lives in Philadelphia, murder is rampant. When his friend was killed and his teenage brother died, "G" tried to find a way to limit his grieving. His solution was to get a tattoo.

Today, "G" has four memorial tattoos on his upper body. Dick Gordon talks to "G" about how he decides when to get a new tattoo, and how having the tattoos changes the way he grieves.

Dick also talks with Jeff Bradbury, "G's" tattoo artist over the past 14 years. Jeff works at Popcorn's Tattoo shop in Philadelphia. Jeff says that working with people in mourning has its ups and downs, but he believes his work transforms grief into art that people can appreciate.

Forklift Follies

Thomas Brennan graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts with a degree in art history and an intention to pursue architecture. But after college, he came back to the southeast and started working in construction. He found his new world to be intimidating and completely different from that of the academic world he'd just left. Thomas says the incident he was most mortified over - a forklift accident he caused - is the one that made him a true construction worker. He talks to Dick about what it was like to work in an entirely different world - with an entirely different set of rules.


Dead Homiez by Ice Cube for the album Amerikkka's Most Wanted;
Construction by Donald Byrd & Booker Little for the album The Third World

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