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January 01, 2008

You're Not Listening

You're Not Listening

Tanya Chartrand and Gavan Fitzsimons had just gotten married when they came to Duke University as psychology professors. Then Tanya noticed that Gavan had a really annoying habit. Whenever she'd ask him for help around the house, he would do exactly the opposite. What's more, he didn't even seem to know he was doing it. 

So they designed a formal research study. And for the first time, they proved that some people (like Gavan), unconsciously act in certain ways simply to avoid doing what their significant others want them to do. They call it 'reactance'.

John Coltrane - The Music And The Man

Joe Vella spent a year interviewing people who played with John Coltrane and  those who heard him play. His documentary series "traneumentary"  is full of these first person accounts.

Dick talks with Joe about the man behind that legendary music.

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