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February 22, 2008

Brave Painting


Joan Snyder paints her way through pain and pleasure. Last year, her 40-year career as an abstract painter was recognized by the MacArthur Foundation with a $500,000 fellowship.

But Joan didn't always want to be a painter. She was studying social work at university when she enrolled in a painting class. Years later, Joan's powerful "stroke" paintings earned her major recognition.

Dick Gordon talks to Joan about why she passed up a career in social work to become a painter and how she turns scribbles on playbills into art.


A satellite was shot out of space this week. Another less-noticed story was that our galaxy may in fact be home to other planets like Earth.

For Maggie Turnbull, the search for extra-terrestrial life is a personal mission, ever since she saw the movie "Contact" years ago. She talks to Dick about how scientists try to look for signs of life 'out there', and what drives her to do so.

She also gives Dick a sneak preview into NASA's plan of action should they ever discover extraterrestrial life.

Dr. Maggie Turnbull works at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

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