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February 28, 2008

To Catch A Thief


It was the distinctive fuzzy-collared coat that gave her away. That, and the sparkly Gucci sunglasses.

For months, Karen Lodrick had been looking at the coat and glasses in an ATM photo while the woman wearing them was looting Karen's bank accounts. So when she actually saw the woman standing in a Starbucks line, she gave chase. For 45 minutes, she followed the culprit through the streets of San Francisco, all the while giving a play-by-play to a 911 operator on her cell phone.

Karen tells Dick Gordon about what happened when she got to court and what she learned from confronting her identity thief.


Karen Brandt heard some of our "I met a celebrity" stories—Ted Danson, Richard Simmons, Nelson Mandela—and she wrote to tell us hers. Karen was a flight attendant in the 60s, and one night, Judy Garland boarded her flight from Las Vegas to New York. By the end of the flight, Karen said Judy had taught her some new skills, including how to get changed in public without showing any skin. But there was one moment in the trip where Judy made Karen think about her own life in a very different way.

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