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February 07, 2008



For 9 years Audrey Serrano thought she was HIV positive. Audrey took an anonymous HIV test at a clinic after her boyfriend reluctantly revealed he had HIV. Her test came back positive, and she underwent years of grueling medical treatments and lost custody of her daughter.

Eventually Audrey got herself retested and those results were negative. Last year, she sued her doctor and a jury awarded her $2.5 million in damages. Dick Gordon talks with Audrey about the mental and physical obstacles she confronted while trying to prove she didn't have HIV.


Steve DeJoseph grew up listening to his Italian grandfather complaining about family back in the old country. His grandfather constantly said his Italian relatives were "no good" and that all they wanted was the money he sent them. Steve tried to convince his granddad to take a trip back home, but it never happened.

Finally Steve went himself to meet the "no good" people his grandfather had talked about. It was there that he had a revelation: his grandfather had been lying about his family all those years. Steve tells Dick that if his grandfather had admitted how wonderful his family actually was, he never could have handled the emotional cost of living so far away from them.

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