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February 04, 2008

A Muslim Televangelist?


Moez Masoud is the host of TV shows in English and Arabic that focus on Islam. It's an unlikely career choice for a young man who never had much interest in religion.

As a teenager attending American schools in Egypt, he was busy meeting girls and partying. But when he was in college, a number of his friends died, and then he had his own scrape with death when a tumor was found and removed from his body. He found himself making a deal with God: "Let me survive this and I will dedicate my life to you."

Moez admits to being tempted to stray from his promise, but he did find his path, and a style all his own. He talks with Dick Gordon about how he discusses Islam—in particular with young people. He believes their faith doens't have to be what he calls "angry Islam" -- that it can help them, even with tough issues like extramarital sex and homosexuality.


Ahmed Abdullah is back with his latest audio diary.

How does an average person earn money in the war zone that Iraq has become? Ahmed has managed to earn a living, but his own brother cannot find a job. To make matters worse, when a person does finally find a job, the danger to life and limb may actually increase.

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