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February 21, 2008

Wakenya Pamoja

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Kenya's president and opposition leader are from rival tribes. They're still in tense talks about power sharing while unrest still simmers in Nairobi's slums and rural areas. But for many Kenyans, now is the time for healing, reconciliation and getting back to work.

Tony Gakuo is a Kikuyu musician living in Nairobi. When the fighting was at its worst in January, he talked with Dick Gordon about how the violence was affecting him. Despite having friends from other tribes, Tony became so angry about attacks on members of his tribe, that he considered joining the fighters.

Tony now says he's gotten past most of that anger. He and one of his Luo friends, Moses Odhiambo, join Dick to talk about how they and other Kenyans hope to move past the tribal divisions and resurrect their friendships.


There's always that one building in town that has a story behind it.

David Kingsley and his daughter Emily had always wondered about a long-abandoned building in their hometown of Heuvelton, NY. So one day, they cracked open the door and went inside. Once inside, they discovered it used to house an opera hall. They kept exploring and discovering - and even started restoring the building.

Pickens Hall is now a store where the local Amish population can sell their goods. David and Emily talk with Dick about the magical discoveries they continue to make as they renovate the rest of the building.

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