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February 13, 2008

War And Peace On The Wall


Danny Devenney and Mark Ervine couldn't have more opposing political views. Danny is a former member of the Irish Republican Army. Mark is the son of a famous Loyalist.

Both Mark and Danny are muralists in Belfast, and it's on the walls of their home city that they've found common ground. They've worked together on a rendering of Picasso's "Guernica" and now they're united in a fight of their own. The city leaders of Belfast want to paint over the kinds of old sectarian murals that Danny and Mark once painted themselves. They talk to Dick Gordon about how the murals they and others have done reflect a people's history of Belfast and why they should be preserved.


Dick has spoken with several people about their biggest mistakes, and Mike Allen wrote in to tell us about what he did many summers ago.

Mike's parents had a summer cottage in Delavan, W.I. His father and mother had done a great deal of work on it, and they let Mike and his friends use the cottage the summer before they returned to college. The guys decided to have a cookout followed by a campfire. So Mike went to the town police station to get the proper burning permit. While leaving the station, Mike noticed trucks leaving the fire department next door, and he suddenly remembered the French fries he had left cooking back at the cottage.


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