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March 27, 2008

Computer Love Scam

Computer Love Scam

According to law enforcement officials, the number of people who have been scammed has increased dramatically. And these scams have a real economic impact - billions of dollars. It's one thing to be scammed by identity theft or insurance fraud, but how about when the scammer hits your heartstrings as well as your wallet?

Linda Kelso opened an online profile on Yahoo! Messenger hoping to meet the man of her dreams. Though she's heard about internet scams, she never thought she would be a target. Linda soon was chatting with a man who identified himself as "Barry Mullen."

Guest Host Aaron Henkin talks to Linda about what finally tipped her off that her Romeo was a con man and how her willingness to be vulnerable has actually enhanced her experience dating online.

Bringing Baseball To Cambodia

Baseball officially begins this week. The crack of the bat has special meaning for Joe Cook. Joe is the coach of the first ever Cambodian national baseball team. He is just back from the prestigious SEA (South East Asia) Games where his team competed in their inaugural international event.

Joe's path to the dugout was a circuitous one. He survived Cambodia's notorious killing fields and eventually made it to the U.S., where he settled in the south and discovered baseball.

Joe talks with guest host Aaron Henkin about how and why he came to establish baseball leagues in a country with no tradition of the game.


"Computer Love" by Zapp & Roger from the album The New Zapp IV U

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