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March 26, 2008

Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch

Danny Paris opened his Michigan appliance business in the 1970's with $5,000 and a tiny storefront in an abandoned neighborhood. Ten years later, Danny had multiple stores and a millions in yearly sales. But the recession of the early 1980's slammed Michigan's auto workers, who were also Danny's customers, and his business spiraled downward.

On the day GM was set to padlock his store and repossess his merchandise, Danny hatched a wild plan that saved his business. As news about today's economic downturn gets increasingly grim, Danny Paris talks with guest host Aaron Henkin about how he once came back from the brink.

No Time to Waste

William McDonough has put grass on the roofs of corporate headquarters and consulted with the Chinese government to build greener cities. What motivates him goes all the way back to experiences he had as a child - when he saw extreme suffering in Asia, and compared it to the lush abundance of life in the U.S.

As an adult, he met Michael Braungart, his closest friend and collaborator. Bill talks to Dick Gordon about the wild ideas the two have cooked up together - and how he is working to overturn our notion of waste to better preserve resources and re-invent them for the future.

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