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March 10, 2008

Healing Raspberri Rose

Healing Raspberri Rose

HIV/AIDS is spreading across the American South, and African American women are one of the groups most vulnerable to getting infected.

DeVondia Roseborough found out she was HIV-positive in December 2003. Like many of the women she's since met, she was abused as a girl and learned to seek security in sexual relationships with men.

Although an episode with AIDS nearly killed her, DeVondia is healthy now and speaking frankly with young women in her community—including her own teenage daughters—about what they should do to avoid HIV.

Don't Cast Stones

Chris Cathcart vividly remembers teasing feminine boys as a child, watching people throw rocks at them and hearing them denounced during conversations at the local barbershop. He didn't see his own homophobia as a problem until he was in college.

Now he's working to unlearn the silent lessons he picked up on as a child - and he's now speaking publicly about how damaging anti-gay attitudes are to the African American community. He talks to Dick about the events which led to his change of heart.

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