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March 24, 2008

Homeless With Children

Homeless With Children

This year, the federal government granted nearly $1 billion in funding to support services for the nation's homeless - and the number of homeless people is growing.

Angela Angelle remembers the day her family became part of the trend. She was pregnant with twins and was living with her 7 children in a trailer. Her family was overwhelmed financially and eventually the electricity was cut off. A neighbor told a children's services worker how they were living. Angela was given two options—go to a homeless shelter or lose custody of her children.

Angela Angelle talks to guest host Aaron Henkin about how she kept her family together. She also shares how she eventually became the director of the homeless shelter that once took her family in.

Shooting Ali

Photographer Sonia Katchian has great skill—and great professional luck. A chance meeting with in Muhammad Ali landed her ringside at two famed boxing matches, "The Rumble in the Jungle" and "The Thrilla in Manila."

Sonia Katachian went on to photograph Muhammad Ali for 14 years. Her intimate portraits of Muhammad Ali are on display in London at the Proud Galleries until May 2008.

Sonia shares some stories with Dick Gordon about her most memorable images of Ali.


"In Zaire" by Johnny Wakelin for the album Right Before My Eyes;
"Rumble in the Jungle" by Max Roach for the album M'Boom

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