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March 28, 2008



Michael Jackson's Thriller is 25 years old - an anniversary that's inspiring fond memories all across the globe. Rashod Ollison was 6 years old when Thriller came out. He'll never forget the day his mom brought the album home. He and his sisters played it on a special record player that sprayed rainbow lights across the walls and brought joy into their house.

Rashod tells Aaron Henkin how Michael Jackson's album helped him get over his sadness about his parents' divorce and turned him, temporarily, into a star at school. Today, Rashod is a music critic.

  • Read Rashod's music column
  • Learn more about what's being done to remember Thriller

Searching For Home - With My Peeps

When Libbie Stellas' daughter left for college, Libbie found herself feeling the empty nest acutely. So Libbie decided to take an ambitious, extended trip. Before she left, a friend gave her a box of candy Peeps. Libbie took photos of herself, and of the candies, as they traveled the United States.  By the end of her trip, long after the first box of Peeps had melted, Libbie figured out what was really important to her.

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