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April 28, 2008

Early Release

Early Release

Early last month, some prisoners convicted of crack offenses became eligible for early release. The U.S. Sentencing Commission is trying to redress the disparity between mandatory sentences for crack and powder cocaine. Shaun Hudson just got out of prison after serving nearly 16 years for crack offenses. He has now landed a job, gotten a driver's license and is learning to be a dad to a 16-year-old daughter he'd seen only once.

  • Learn more about the new sentencing guidelines

Cold Call From Ralph Nader

We're making the political personal at The Story. That's why we're interested in your stories about politics and political figures. Tom Linden was burning out at medical school and seriously considered becoming a "Nader Raider." Tom's dad happened to sit next to Nader on a flight and shared his son's plans. The next thing Tom knew, he got a phone call from Ralph Nader that changed his life.

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