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April 01, 2008

Fighting To Survive

Fighting To Survive

The world is in mourning for Dith Pran, the famed photojournalist who exposed the killing fields of Cambodia in the 1970s. He died on Sunday. Phal Sum was just a child when the Khmer Rouge terrorized Cambodia. He was taken from his family and forced to labor at a work camp for boys. He escaped to Thailand, and that's where he discovered the martial art that would save his life: Thai boxing.

This interview was made possible with a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council.

Listener Follow-Up: GM's Electric Car

Teri Buhl responded to Dick's interview with Wayne Goldman, a man in Vermont who once built electric cars. Teri said her dad, Bill Buhl, once built an electric car for General Motors, and has a great story to tell. Dick Gordon talks to Bill about what that electric car was like (very fast and very heavy) and why GM canned the project. Bill was so disappointed he walked away from electric cars and has never gone back.


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