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April 22, 2008

Permanent House Swap

Permanent House Swap

Foreclosures are up nearly 60% from springtime last year, pushing people to get creative with how they buy and sell their homes. Sherry Crosslin and Jerry Stussman took a novel route: they swapped houses.

Sherry's property was nestled along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. She tried to sell her house the traditional way but got no responses. So she went online with the idea of trading homes. A week later, Jerry got in touch with her and they made a deal.

Dick Gordon talks to both Sherry and Jerry about their house swap and how they figured out they could trust each other.

Shoplifting Season

In 1998, Emily Bobrow had just graduated from college and wanted to make her mark on the world. So she moved to London with unformed dreams of cultural stardom leading her on. But she found London cold and gray. On top of that, her job was menial and she became incredibly lonely. So one day at a clothing store, she put some socks in her bag and left without paying. She found it exhilarating and continued pilfering items from various stores until the inevitable happened and she got caught. She has since been back to London and was happy to tell Dick that she and the city are now on warm terms.

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