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April 09, 2008


Yellow house, rambling, snow on ground
Anne Trubek's house

Reluctant Landlord

Produced by
Anita Woodley


The housing slump is forcing many homeowners across the country into becoming landlords. Anne Trubek was hesitant to convert her vacant home into a rental property. She had tried for many months to sell her home but got no offers. Under the pressure of paying two mortgages, Anne moved tenants into the house - and eventually had to clear out their belongings after they moved away.Anne talks to Dick Gordon about how being a landlord has changed her view of achieving the American Dream through home ownership.

  • See Anne's real estate ad and a picture of the house
  • Read Anne's essay about the lessons she's learned while renting her home during the housing slump



Jeff Weinstock knew that his grandfather was from Latvia, but he didn't know much else about his family's past. So he began searching for his roots on both sides of his family, and eventually located the small town that his grandfather left before World War II. Then came a shocking discovery: many of his relatives had been victims of the Nazi regime. Jeff talks with Dick about his search through his past and how what he found has changed him.


Tell the Landlord by Robert Cray for the album Some Rainy Morning; Remembrances by Itzhak Perlman for the album Schindler's List (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

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