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April 16, 2008

Teachers With Guns?


Today marks the first anniversary of the Virginia Tech University shooting. Thirty-nine people have died in school shootings in the last year. In Washington, the Supreme Court is about to rule on a case that could affect state gun control laws. Currently, 15 states have pending legislation that would permit people to carry guns on college campuses.

Professor David McGrath says he's willing to pack a loaded pistol in class if gun laws change. He feels it's his responsibility to protect his students at the University of South Alabama at any cost - even his own life. David talks to Dick Gordon about why he believes training teachers to use guns on campus may give students a better chance of surviving a shooting.


Springtime means flowers, baseball ... and, of course, cleaning. Nancy Peacock has just published a book about her experiences as a house cleaner: A Broom of One's Own. She talks to Dick about quitting her job cleaning houses and becoming an acclaimed writer. And then her return to cleaning houses to support her writing life.

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