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April 25, 2008


Katy standing tall, wearing a red sweater with a stripe
Katy St. Clair
Paul Trapani

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

The number of people undergoing weight loss surgery skyrocketed by more than 600% between 1992 - 2005.  And that number continues to soar. Katy St. Clair is one person who's had such surgery. At one point, Katy weighed more than 350 pounds. But she was actually comfortable in her own skin. In fact, she performed at peep shows featuring large women. It was other people who had a problem with her size. Yet Katy eventually made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery. She tells Dick Gordon how that decision changed her outlook on life and herself.

Swampy Laptop

Bonnie Nevel has lived through the fear everyone has: losing all your work on a computer. Bonnie lost hers in spectacular fashion - while doing environmental research, she fell into a swamp with her laptop. She tells Dick that she felt like disappearing herself. But she wound up using a remarkable low-tech solution that astonishes her to this day.

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