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May 21, 2008

Long Walk To A Better Life

Long Walk To A Better Life

Thousands of Zimbabweans continue to pour across border in search of food, medicine, and safety in South Africa. But over the last few weeks, many of them have become targets in anti-immigrant violence.

Jonathan Nkala is one Zimbabwean who made the difficult journey. His is a story of tragedy and high adventure: he lost his best friend while crossing a river, spent 6 months working without shoes, and eventually ended up as a model for Motorola.

Dick Gordon talks to Jonathan about his journey and what he sees when he looks back across the border towards home.

Turned Away At The Polls

Kevin Killer is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Shortly after taking a job on a reservation in Pine Ridge, S.D., he noticed how disenfranchised his people were from local politics. So he got involved in political campaigning himself. It was then that he noticed something else: members of his tribe were being turned away at the polls.

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