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May 29, 2008

Rising Above Addiction

Rising Above Addiction

Crack cocaine is making a comeback among college students and young, affluent professionals.

Joyce Grangent says she started abusing crack to weather stress on the job. Her crack addiction halted her promising career as a manager, and within months Joyce was homeless. She talks with Dick Gordon about reclaiming her life from crack and why she refuses to blame drug dealers for her addiction.

Music heard in this story: "Crack Killed Applejack" by Mitch "General Kane" McDowell


Floating The Mississippi

It sounds like any child's dream—going down the Mississippi River on a homemade raft. The words of Huckleberry Finn ring in the ears of those who long for such an adventure.

Ryan Steiner was hanging around with some friends and family one night when they decided it was their turn: so they built a raft. Ryan talks with Dick about what it was like to float down the Mississippi and why that trip still means so much to him.

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