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June 02, 2008

Aging With HIV [6.2.2008]


Drugs that combat HIV have prolonged millions of lives. But for some older people, these drugs are also making them age faster. 

Larry Gibson and Dennis Golay are in their 60s. They've been together for 27 years, and both have felt the side-effects from their medications. Dennis lost his teeth, had a heart attack and developed a humped back. Larry's skull protruded outwards and he's undergone numerous facial injections. Despite their wavering health, Larry and Dennis have outlived 60 of their closest friends.

They talk with Dick Gordon about how they maintain their optimism and how a pact they made two decades ago keeps them moving forward.


Dick recently asked listeners for stories about times in their lives when the political became personal. Debra Kaufman wrote in about the summer job she had growing up in Iowa - the hot, grueling work of detasseling corn. One day, she and her girlfriends noticed that some boys working on the farm had easier jobs yet were being paid more. That's when Debra and the other girls decided to take action. As she tells Dick, the lesson she learned about standing up for her rights is one she still carries with her.

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