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June 25, 2008

Corporate Crime and Punishment


Corporate crime - and punishment - is more visible now than ever. Chuck Gallagher was once a high-rolling partner in an accounting firm and living way beyond his means. So he "borrowed" money from one of the accounts he managed. He kept doing it, stealing a total of $250,000. As he tells Dick Gordon, one of his partners finally called him about the account, and he realized his life as he knew it was over.

Chuck served his time in prison and came out with a transformed conscience and a new direction in life.


A year after Robin Sagadraca's mother passed away from cancer, his family gathered in Hawaii to scatter her ashes in the ocean. But soon after they'd gathered the leis and the urn and headed out in the boat, the waters turned unexpectedly rough. The journey took hours to complete.

The next morning, the family woke up to what they've come to call a miracle: the leis they'd dropped far out in the ocean had somehow made their way to shore. The beach was covered with flowers.


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