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June 03, 2008

Dad And Dean


Nobody can ignore the youth vote this year. Younger people now comprise a quarter of the electorate, and they're more engaged with politics than ever.

Andy Shapero had his political awakening when he was talking politics with his father after years of estrangement following his parents' divorce. Andy carried his new-found confidence to college, and used it to become a campus leader and self-confessed 'Deaniac' during the 2004 campaign of Howard Dean.


Air travel is getting worse. We've all experienced missing bags, delayed flights and rising ticket prices. But sometimes it's the passengers who make travel difficult for themselves.

Phil DuMas was waiting to board a flight while drinking a huge cup of coffee. When he finally reached the ticket counter, he was rocking side-to-side, doing what his family nicknames "the pee pee dance." When the attendant asked him what was wrong, Phil explained he had a case of "PPD." Little did he know that airline personnel understand PPD to mean "paranoid personality disorder." Phil talks to Dick about the flight of a lifetime.


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