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June 24, 2008

D'Iberville is Back


Cities and towns across the Midwest are mopping up and thinking about their options after the floods. Should they rebuild? What will it take to rebuild an entire town? Irene McIntosh knows. Irene is a resident of  D'Iberville, Mississippi. 

The town of D'Iberville was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. But this past weekend, residents there celebrated the end of their rebuilding efforts. Dick Gordon talks with Irene a woman who helped spearhead those rebuilding efforts and in the process had her faith in humanity restored.


Amy Lathrop is a herpetologist: she works with amphibians and reptiles in their habitats. Her work brings her to Vietnam, where this past May she was photographing frogs in an extremely remote jungle.

While on the trail, she came across a green snake—a "Christmas present" she called it, given how difficult it is to find them in the wild. When she tried to photograph it, the snake bit her.
She tells Dick about her adventures and misadventures with guides, motorcycles and folk remedies while trying to get treated.

Despite the ordeal, Amy says would do it all over again.

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