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June 09, 2008

To Feed A Family


As gas prices skyrocket, food prices follow. Melissa Hilliard can no longer make her costs and her income meet in the middle. She and her husband both work full-time in the Atlanta area. They have some college education, but their jobs don't pay enough to support their three children. Recently Melissa swallowed her pride and made her first trip to the local food bank.

Melissa tells Dick Gordon about her struggles and her dreams, and the tricks she's discovered for stretching a food dollar in her kitchen.


On the anniversary of the attack on the USS Stark, Dick Gordon spoke with Tim Gable about his survival story. Tim was on the Stark when it was attacked, and if it wasn't for a life ring that was thrown from the deck Tim may not have survived the night in the water.

Michael Tooker, a helicopter pilot stationed on the Stark, heard Tim on the radio and called to tell us his story. Mike was the officer that threw the life ring to Tim. The two men discuss their shared story.


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