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June 11, 2008

Fish For The Future


Worldwide demand for seafood is depleting the oceans at an alarming rate. Neil Sims has seen the way people fish until everything is gone. While he was managing fisheries in the Cook Islands, he watched divers pluck out every last oyster. He realized farming would be more reliable and sustainable. Slowly, things switched over and the divers became wealthy oyster farmers.

Now Neil is expanding that model with a large aquaculture venture off the coast of Hawaii. His product is getting rave reviews from chefs, but some environmentalists still wonder if his model is feasible.

Neil talks to Dick Gordon about how he thinks the fishing industry needs to change to be sustainable in the long term.


Allison Vogt's mother-in-law Ruth passed away recently. Allison had always intensely admired Ruth for her style, her wit, and her cooking. When Ruth moved into Allison's home last year, the two women shared stories...and a kitchen. After Ruth passed away, Allison spent an afternoon looking through her mother-in-law's treasured recipe box. The contents changed her perception of her mother-in-law, and herself.

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