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June 16, 2008

Flooded Out


As floods continue to hit the Midwest, Dick Gordon talks to a woman who's lived through four deluges: 1992, 2000, 2007, and now.

Laura Negronida moved to Gays Mills, WS, sixteen years ago to get back to the land. She loved her town's open-minded people and its beautiful homes. But life has been far from idyllic: last summer Laura had to abandon her water-damaged home. She tells Dick how now wants to be an aid worker to help others just as she's been helped.


Suspicious spouses use them. So do skeptical insurance companies. And now celebrities facing criminal charges like artist R. Kelly are using private investigators as well -- to sift through their accusers' stories. Steve Wilson is a P.I. who works with defense attorneys.

But when he started out, he thought he'd be driving a red Porsche and living like Magnum P.I. The reality is that he feels more like a social worker. Yet the occupation has grown on him, and he shares some of his career highlights with Dick.

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