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June 18, 2008

Music For Quake Victims


Violinist Phil Kates was about to leave on a tour of Asia with the Philadelphia Orchestra when he heard about the devastating earthquake in southern China. So he decided that once he got there, he would give concerts to children in the stricken areas. He's just returned from China and talks with Dick Gordon about what he saw and what he played.


We received a lot of mail about Deyanira Chavez, the young woman who came illegally to this country from Mexico when she was 12. Deyanira had pushed herself hard enough to win a coveted spot in a prestigious college architecture program, but had to drop out because she doesn't qualify for aid and can't afford tuition. Many listeners wrote in about Deyanira. One of them was the chair of her architecture program, Betsy West. Betsy joins Dick to discuss Deyanira's options.


When Diane Gallagher was 52 years old, she decided to fulfill her dream of volunteering for the Peace Corps. She was assigned to Cape Verde - a country she at first had difficulty finding on a map. Although she couldn't sew a button herself, she helped a group of poor women set up a successful sewing association. And even though her Portuguese was rudimentary, she made many friends - from the old water seller to the Cape Verdean pop star, Cesaria Evora.

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