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July 15, 2008

Homeless No More


Many Americans experience their political awakening when they cast their first vote or become inspired by a rousing speech. David Pirtle found his when he was homeless, living on the streets of Washington, D.C. When the city announced plans to close down the shelter where he was living, he joined a group of other homeless men to fight City Hall.

David talks with Dick Gordon about how his new-found activism not only helped save the shelter but also helped change his life.



The bodies of two U.S. soldiers missing in Iraq for more than a year have been found. The remains of Pvt. Byron Fouty and Sgt. Alex Jimenez were found in an Iraqi village late last week. 

Chaplain Jeff Bryan knew both men and ministered to their unit. He talks to Dick about how he's coping as a chaplain, and he describes the process of bringing a fallen soldier home.

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