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July 11, 2008

Jill Perseveres


When Jill Hollis first appeared on The Story inNovember of 2006, she’d been living with the diagnosis of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) for several years. She expressed a kind of wonder at how the disease had changed her life for the better. These days, Jill is still filled with gratitude, but her view of ALS continues to evolve. Jill joins Dick Gordon once again in the studio to talk about how she gets around these days – with the help of a walker called a Rollator – and the new physical limitations she now faces. Jill says she confronts fears and challenges every day. But on a deeper level, she explains, many of her old fears have gone away.



Less is more: it's a well-worn mantra, but not one that gains a lot of traction in our super-sized culture. But Chris McNaught has actually done something about it. He counted all the stuff in his house and was shocked to find he owns 2,000 items. Not anymore.

Chris says that his home these days is simple, uncluttered, and filled with only the most meaningful items from his life. Having given away more than half of his possessions, Chris is well on his way to owning no more than 500 things.


"Counting 51 to 100" by by Obie Leff for the album Count With Me! - Kindergarten; "1234" by Feist for the album The Reminder

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