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July 30, 2008

Psychedelic Treatment


"Magic mushrooms" bring to mind hippie trips in the 60's. But these days, doctors are doing human trials with the active ingredient in the mushrooms, psilocybin. Doctors think psilocybin can ease anxiety caused by a terminal illness. 

Annie Levy thought she was done with cancer, but when it came back in 2006, it was terminal. Annie was filled with thoughts of death, so she started looking into alternative treatments. She discovered the work being done with"magic mushrooms."

Annie was treated under the care of a psychiatrist researching the effects of psychoactive drugs on advanced-stage cancer patients. She talks to guest host Aaron Henkin about how the treatment changed her view of her own mortality.



The housing slump is forcing many homeowners across the country into becoming landlords.

Anne Trubek was hesitant to convert her vacant home into a rental property. She had tried for many months to sell her home but got no offers. Under the pressure of paying two mortgages, Anne moved tenants into the house - and eventually had to clear out their belongings after they moved away.

Anne talks to Dick Gordon about how being a landlord has changed her view of achieving the American Dream through home ownership.

  • Read Anne's essay about the lessons she's learned while renting her home during the housing slump
  • Check out more of Anne's writing on different issues
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