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July 14, 2008

A Student From Gaza


When Israel banned Palestinian students from leaving the Gaza Strip in January, hundreds of young people were trapped, unable to use scholarships already awarded to them. Yahia Abu Hashem was one of them. After waiting months for a visa, he found that the border was suddenly closed. Officials told Yahia that if he couldn’t make it to Roanoke College by May 29, he would lose his chance to receive a college education. Yahia tells Dick Gordon about his anxiety waiting for his chance to leave, and explains how he managed to arrive at school just in time.

  • Learn more about The Hope Fund, a non-profit organization that offers Palestinian refugees like Yahia opportunities in higher education.



In the late 1980s, Chrys Browne had moved to Japan where she befriended Mrs. Gaya, a tea ceremony teacher who took Chrys under her wing and sent lavish gifts to Chrys's parents back home in West Virginia.

But when Chrys's parents came to visit, Chrys was appalled at the gift they had brought: a coal statue of a stallion they'd bought at a gas station. Chrys tells Dick what happened the dreaded moment when her parents presented the Gayas with their gift.


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