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July 18, 2008

Studying Darfur


The news from Darfur is not good. Eight peacekeepers have been killed in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court has indicted the President of Sudan for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity

The problem that the United Nations peacekeepers face is not a new one. A couple of years ago, the peacekeepers wore green berets instead of the UN blue berets -- they were with the African Union.  Dick's guest, Al-Banan, was one of their interpreters. 

Al-banan saw and documented what was happening, talked to the survivors and came face-to-face with the horrors of the genocide.



Frank Lynch clearly remembers the moment that changed everything for him. Frank couldn't wait to become eligible to vote in the early 1970s. So when the Constitution was amended to allow 18 year olds to vote, Frank was eager to get his fellow students involved. 

Frank vividly remembers a hundred "hippies" descending on the local election supervisor's office - along with the faint hint of marijuana in the air.


Heiewa and The Aid Convoy by Graeme Revell for the album Darfur Now (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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