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July 28, 2008

Surviving Collapse



One year ago the country watched in disbelief as rescuers scrambled through the wreckage of a collapsed interstate bridge in Minneapolis. Lindsay Petterson was one of the survivors.

Lindsay was on her way home from work when she heard the sound of metal snapping and suddenly plummeted 120 feet into the water. She not only survived the fall, but she also managed to escape from her submerged car.

But the true test of Lindsay's resilience came after the bridge's collapse. Lindsay talks with guest host Aaron Henkin about her recovery and insights in the aftermath of the disaster.



Craig James started collecting 19th century photographs of African Americans because he saw so much pride in the faces of the men and women who were no longer slaves.

Then came a surprise: Craig learned that a photograph of his own ancestor, his great-great-great grandmother Nursey James, had been preserved.

Craig talks with Dick Gordon about seeing the photo for the first time, and meeting the direct descendants of Nursey's master - and how both experiences gave him a deeper understanding of himself and his own history.

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