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August 18, 2008

Baseball Recyclers


Dawn Vieyra and Jorge Lopez love watching their LA Dodgers in person. But with the ups and downs in the economy, they've had to get creative in funding their shared passion. So they pick up bottles and cans at home games. In 2005, the roommates started filling garbage bags after the game. Nowadays, they fill the bed of their pickup truck to the rim with recyclables. The profits are enough to pay for their season's tickets.

They talk with Dick about how home game recycling helps make ends meet.


Andy Filer is on a mission: he wants to photograph every "map on the dot" in North Dakota. While going to college in Minnesota, he would take time off from school to photograph ghost towns in the neighboring state. Now that he lives in Seattle, he's even more determined to complete his project: so far, he's photographed 500 out of a projected 1,200 sites. As he tells Dick, Andy feels there's something about the recently disappeared past that simply haunts his imagination.

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