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August 11, 2008

Exposing AIDS In China


During the Olympics, Chinese officials have been attempting to exert even more control over how the country is perceived abroad.

It was precisely this kind of government control that forced physician Yan Huang* to flee her country in 2002. Yan worked in rural areas with farmers who had HIV/AIDS. When she spoke out against the corrupt bureaucrats who profited from selling tainted blood, local police subjected her to 18 hours of extreme interrogation. She fled the country with her son and now lives abroad. As she tells guest host Aaron Henkin, though, she longs to return and help China battle its AIDS crisis.

*Not her real name. We agreed to hide Yan's identity to protect her friends and family in China, who could face persecution if her name were published.


Vito Martinez has just begun a major career transition: from car salesman to Franciscan priest.

Vito feels sure about the decision, but he tells Dick Gordon it hasn't been easy: he had to tell his live-in girlfriend about his plans to give up all his possessions and begin to practice celibacy. But Vito thinks that his career as a car salesman will actually prepare him well for his life as a priest.


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