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August 18, 2008

Generation Kill


The war in Iraq has spurred a number of documentaries, films, and TV shows attempting to show the conflict as it really is. The most recent of those efforts, HBO's mini-series Generation Kill, is one of the more authentic.

It portrays the experiences of the Marine First Reconnaissance Battalion during the first days of the invasion of Iraq. It should be authentic: members of the Battalion have been closely involved in the filming of the show as actors and military consultants.

Guest host Aaron Henkin talks with former Marines and cast members Rudy Reyes and Eric Kocher. The two men say it felt strange at times to relive the invasion with cameras rolling, but they say being a part of Generation Kill has helped them readjust to life after the war, and even brought them some peace.


Godi Godar is a mechanic. Nothing unusual there, except that Godi grew up in a remote part of Congo. Godi didn’t see his first car until he was in his 20s. No one had ever left his village before, but Godi had a dream that one day he would leave home and live a better life. He didn’t know how or why. And now, Godi’s dream has come true.

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