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August 14, 2008

Homeschool of Rock


When teenager Blake Peebles first asked to leave regular high school to pursue a professional gaming career, his parents dismissed the idea. Then Blake established himself as one of the nation’s top Guitar Hero players in local and online tournaments, and his parents Mike and Hunter reconsidered.

After a year of homeschool, Blake has not only made straight A’s and aced his EOGs; he also has qualified to compete in the regionals of the World Cyber Games, the largest gaming festival in the world. Blake, Mike, and Hunter join guest host Aaron Henkin to explain their decision to let Blake pursue his dream to go pro as a gamer.


According to law enforcement officials, the number of people who have been scammed online has increased dramatically. These scams have a real economic impact - billions of dollars - and sometimes they have an emotional impact as well.

Linda Kelso opened an online profile on Yahoo! hoping to meet the man of her dreams. Though she'd heard about internet scams, she never thought she would be a target. Linda soon was chatting with a man who identified himself as "Barry Mullen."

Linda talks to Aaron about what finally tipped her off that her Romeo was a con man - and how her willingness to be vulnerable has actually enhanced her experience dating online.

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