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August 29, 2008

A New Place Called Home

People in Mississippi are bracing for another storm on the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Mark Taylor lived in Gulfport, Miss. when Katrina hit. He lost everything, including his direction in life.

So he drove to North Carolina with only the clothes on his back. Now he's working for a computer manufacturing company. Mark talks to Dick Gordon about how he's stopped longing to return to Gulfport, and how he now calls North Carolina his home.

Mark's employer, Jeff Benes, also joins the conversation to tell his story. Jeff was laid off during the dot-com bust while raising two children alone. He started his own company and vowed to give unemployed, inexperienced applicants a serious look. Jeff talks to Dick about the times he's worked alongside Mark on the production line and why he's refused to lay off employees when production is down.

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