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August 12, 2008

Who Is James K. Robinson


The ACLU says there are over 900,000 names on the government's centralized terror watch list, though TSA says the number is much less.

James K. Robinson is on that list - and at least two men have been routinely stopped because of it.

James K. Robinson of Alaska is a former brigadier general for the Air Force, a commercial airline pilot, and is authorized to carry a firearm in the cockpit. James K. Robinson of Washington, DC has worked for the federal government and has top security clearance.

They talk to guest host Aaron Henkin about the first time they were stopped in an airport, how they found out about one another, and what they've done since to try to get off the terror watch list.


The few schools that teach adults to ride bicycles are experiencing record enrollment. Many students say rising gas prices are a main motivation.

Arun Mukerjee, a physician in Cambridge, Mass., recently graduated from a bike riding school. He says growing up in Calcutta he always wanted to learn, but his family was poor and he never owned a bicycle.

It wasn't until his 9-year-old daughter, Trisha, got old enough to ride a bike - and Arun had to teach her - that he realized he also needed to learn.

Arun and Trisha talk to Aaron about something many of us have forgotten: how magical it is to get up on a bike for the first time, and go.


With all the talk of testing of youngsters on subjects like math and science, we thought it was time to hear a story of how kids fall in love with science.

Back in 1962 when the space race was on, Georg Deutsch approached Steven Schwarcz in the lunch line at junior high and asked, "Do you want to start a rocket society?" That encounter started a relationship that would last for decades, span several rocket experiments, and see their launching of the first non-governmental satellite. Georg and Steven cut class to study rocket science, visited top scientists - and even today, they watch closely when satellites go into space.

They talk to Dick Gordon about their adventures in rocket science as young men, launching rockets - both legally and illegally.



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