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August 27, 2008

Wind Power


The idea of using renewable energy has been bounced around by both presidential candidates. Their ads feature wind turbines, which they've made a point of mentioning in their stump speeches. Pete Ferrell is a fourth generation rancher, and sees himself as a steward of the land rather than a property owner. Since the late 1800s, his family has found ways to harness wind power. Now Pete has turned half his ranch into a wind farm. He tells Dick Gordon about the opposition he encountered along the way.


Air travel is getting worse: missing bags, delayed flights and rising ticket prices. But sometimes it's the passengers who make travel difficult for themselves.

Phil DuMas was waiting to board a flight while drinking a huge cup of coffee. When he finally reached the ticket counter, he was doing what his family nicknames "the pee pee dance." When the attendant asked him what was wrong, Phil explained he had a case of "PPD." Little did he know that airline personnel understand PPD to mean "paranoid personality disorder." Phil talks to Dick about the flight of a lifetime.

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