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September 25, 2008

Cleaning Up Foreclosure


The spike in home foreclosures is one factor in this economic debacle, and it's something Mimi Norris knows intimately: she inspects and cleans houses that have been foreclosed. When a lender tries to contact a mortgage holder and receives no reply, Mimi drives out to the house to find out why. If the owner has fallen behind on payments and moved out in a hurry, it's Mimi's job to clean up whatever is left behind.

Comic Lessons

Michael Sweig was a maitre d' at Chicago's Pump Room in the early 1980s when one of his favorite celebrities, Richard Pryor, came in to the restaurant. Pryor was known for his colorful humor and the colorful language that peppered his acts. Pryor ended up inviting Michael to his show that night in Chicago. Michael had front row seats and backstage passes, but Pryor ended the show much differently than Michael ever could have expected. Pryor forever changed the way that Michael viewed language, particularly racial slurs.

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