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September 16, 2008


Chiwoniso Maraire holding the mbira, a traditional instrument that she believes connects people to the spiritual realm

Leaving Zim

Leaving Zim

After months of negotiations, Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangiraihave signed an agreement to share power in Zimbabwe. That's welcome news to musician Chiwoniso Maraire. Like most Zimbabweans, she struggled all summer with food shortages and skyrocketing prices, and the constant threat of political violence.

Even with the struggles, Chiwoniso was always proud to call Zimbabwe home. Living there kept her close to the mbira, a traditional instrument with a close connection to her spiritual life. And although she faced police intimidation over the years, she still found a way to sing about the injustices in Zimbabwe. But earlier this summer, Chiwoniso finally had enough. She talks to Dick Gordon about why she decided to leave Zimbabwe.

Fighting Dogs

When John Clark saw a woman being attacked by two pit bulls, he did what many of us would probably be too scared to do - he took on the dogs himself. John tells Dick why he jumped in and what the incident taught him.


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