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September 09, 2008


black and white image, Raya and her son
Raya Asee and her son

A New Life For Raya

A New Life for Raya

Two million Iraqis are now living outside of Iraq. Most are in Syria or Jordan. A much smaller number are securing refugee status in other countries. Raya Asee is an artist and divorced single mother from Baghdad. When she found a threatening note stuck to her car's rearview mirror, she knew it was time to flee.

She left her young son with relatives in Jordan and made her way to Sweden. One year after arriving, she has just been granted permanent refugee status. She tells Dick Gordon about her mixed feelings to be starting a new life in a western country, and how eagerly she awaits the day she'll see her son again.

Follow-Up:  Corporate Crime and Punishment

Dick recently talked with Chuck Gallagher who had embezzled funds from his financial clients. John Allore heard that show and wrote in saying he could sympathize. John is Treasurer for the city of Durham, N.C. with access to about $1 billion. Now that he's facing something of a financial pinch himself, John tells Dick what it's like to resist temptation.

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