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September 19, 2008

Pushing Drugs

Pushing Drugs

Shahram Ahari believes that the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and doctors can compromise the health of patients. Shahram knows what he's talking about: he was a drug rep with Eli Lilly, where he learned how to entice doctors with gifts, slanted statistics, and psychological profiles. He even earned the nickname "safe cracker" for getting into the offices of doctors who avoided sales people like him Shahram tells Dick Gordon why his selling techniques worked. He also recounts the crisis of conscience that led to his quitting the industry.

  • Learn more about how pharmaceutical companies influence prescribing
  • Watch Shahram describe how he sold the drugs

Lost Friend

Christine Toole had a best friend named Chris when she was in her 20's. They did everything together, and Chris was the kind of man who was always more than ready to help a friend. Christine and Chris shared poetry, they went to concerts, and they talked and laughed with each other for hours. A kiss changed all of that. Christine talks to Dick about her friendship with Chris, and how much he taught her about forgiveness and life.

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