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September 18, 2008

Wheelchair Dancer

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Last night in Beijing, dancers with the London-based Candoco Dance Company performed in the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Paralympics. Among the dancers was Cornelia Kip Lee, dancing in a wheelchair.

Cornelia had polio as a child, and for as long as she can remember, she has been limited in the use of her left leg. She loved ballet as a girl, but was forced to stop when her teacher found out she was unable to dance en pointe. Decades later, she first tried dancing in a wheelchair. As she tells Dick Gordon, she found the experience freeing, even electrifying.

  • Learn about Cornelia's new dance company, Candoco

The Beauty Of A Barn

Frank Harmon grew up visiting his uncle Emmet's farm in east Tennessee. The barn was a great place to play, but after he studied architecture in England, he saw the barn differently: as a model of efficient, environmentally-enlightened design.

  • Learn more about Frank's work
  • See pictures of Standen House, the building that first opened Frank's eyes to the wisdom of regional design
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