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October 15, 2008

Bankers, Brokers and Bandits: Soul Of A Scandal

Bankers, Brokers and Bandits: Soul Of A Scandal

Diane Buckshnis remembers another time when the economy suffered because of the decisions of financial leaders, regulators, and politicians: the 1980s Savings and Loan debacle. Diane was a government examiner when she got assigned to the case that would become the symbol of the S & L scandal - the Keating case. Diane remembers when she met Charles Keating, chairman of Lincoln Savings and Loan. He was larger than life, and he had dreams of building the next Las Vegas - using his depositors' money.

Diane talks with host Dick Gordon about what she learned working on the infamous Keating case and what she thinks about today's financial meltdown.

Small Business Roller Coaster

In June, Chef Alice Evans' restaurant was destroyed during the floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She spoke with Dick Gordon about her high hopes of reopening her year-old catering business. Now the economy has taken a dive, and Alice may have to sell her home to repay her outstanding back loans. Alice talks to Dick Gordon about how being ineligible for business loans caused her to lose a $50,000 grant - and how much that kind of assistance could help her recover.


"Borgnine Krupa" performed by "We Stain Porcelain" for the album "The First Flush Compilation"

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