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October 08, 2008

Blowing The Whistle

Blowing the Whistle

Abuses at nursing homes made the news several times this summer. Joyce Molino has seen those abuses herself. She worked at a nursing home for the mentally ill in Chicago. Shortly after she started, she saw roaches in the hallway and residents being beaten. The breaking point for her came when a female patient was raped. Joyce talks with host Dick Gordon about what happened after she blew the whistle.

Appraised Out of Business

For Bill Thornton, this month's dismal economic news has been a kind of absolution. For 20 years, he was a home appraiser. But as prices climbed during the housing boom, lenders stopped calling him. As he tells Dick, Bill eventually closed his business and reluctantly became a truck driver. Yet when he recently heard how Wall Street helped create the housing and financial meltdown, he realized that losing his business wasn't exactly his fault.


"Truckin'" from the "Pickin' On Series" for the album "Pickin' On the Grateful Dead - A Tribute"

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