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October 30, 2008

Faith Versus Duty

Faith Versus Duty

Gay marriage is one issue both presidential candidates have been treading lightly around. But in California, voters will decide whether to accept Proposition 8 and ban gay marriage, or keep gay marriage legal. The amount of money both sides have spent on the issue has now reached record-breaking levels.

The driving force behind Proposition 8 is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Andrew Callahan was for decades a devout Mormon, and eventually became a High Priest. But he’s recently broken ranks with the church over its stand on gay marriage. Andrew is not gay, but he explains to Dick Gordon his personal connection to the issue - and why he feels it may be worth getting excommunicated over.

PeRSONAL POLITICS: An Unwitting Politician

Cynthia Faulhaber's husband warned her not to ever, ever go into politics. She heeded his warning. After he died, though, she took an appointed position in the Michigan governor's office. The job changed her perspective on politics and politicians forever. As she tells Dick, maybe her husband was right after all.

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